Schwab Family

Hello, we are the Schwab family! I am Lauren and this is my Dad Jeff, my mom Toni and my brother Ryan.

We all work together on the family farm along with a family friend. Our farm is a farrow to wean operation, which means we raise pigs from birth until they are too big to nurse from their mother. Then they go to another local pig farmer to finish growing. We focus on the mother pigs and their piglets during their first stage of life to give them the best care possible. We do this by giving each pig individual attention and care. We also wash and clean the barns daily so that the pigs are clean, healthy and comfortable. Our pigs have a nutritious diet of corn and soybeans.

My Dad grew up in town as a kid, but his parents entered him in 4-H and FFA where he took a pig to the fair each year. His uncle could see how hard he worked to give the best care to his animals and how much he enjoyed it so he gave my Dad his first mother pig, also called a sow, and from there he started our family farm to be right out of high school. My mom grew up in the city, but embraced and grew to love agriculture and the values it taught my brother and I. Values such as responsibility, hard work and dedication through caring for and raising livestock. I love working on the farm with my family. We grow close and learn so much from each other. 

We love a delicious pork dinner! It is quick to fix, there is a different way to serve pork each night of the week and let’s not forget how delicious it is! An easy way to serve boneless pork loin is to rub some pork seasoning on the loin and bake it in the oven or throw it on the grill, use a meat thermometer to know when it reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit, let it rest for ten minutes and then chow down with some vegetables and dinner rolls!   

Schwab Family

Our Favorite Recipe

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